Short-Cut to Draw The Perfect Eyebrows

My favourite eyebrow pencil is a brand from Innisfree – Korean product. Love it!

Here is the short-cuts on how to draw the perfect eyebrows:

  1. Pull the corner of your eyebrows upwards
  2. Draw a straight line on the bottom part of your eyebrows
  3. Draw a straight line on the top part of your eyebrows
  4. Fill the gaps in between your eyebrows

You are done! Easy & simple!

It’s close to being a miracle that the eyebrows can be done super easily.

Dad in Motorbike Accident

Yesterday evening, my dear father got into a motorbike accident. He is an assistant engineer at SMRT. I did not know about the accident until today when my mom whatsapped me.

As a daughter, of course upon hearing this, I called him. I told him that he should have informed me but he did not want to worry us.

He was on the road and a bus did not follow the road law and almost hit him. He had to choose to save his motorbike or to save his life. He threw his bike and his body fell to the ground. Thank God there were kind souls to help him.

My dad always thought about others before himself. When the driver got down, he had no heart to claim insurance as the driver was an elderly man. He said the man wanted to earn a living and he did not want to put the man’s career at risk. He also did not ask for insurance. My dad was bleeding around his arms and a few parts of his legs.

When he returned home, my mom asked him to go the doctor. The doctor asked him to go Tan Tock Seng Hospital for a full body check-up. He only got a day MC. Can you believe it? Accident and was given only a day.

He said he has to go to work to ensure the safety of the passengers. His colleagues are on leave. He always comments what if my kids are on the train.

I pray for the safety of my loved ones.

Moms Are Like Batteries

Today we sent our girl to the clinic. Being the natural bubbly person that I am, I think I talked to quite a number of moms in the clinic.


One of them was a mother of a 9 month old. Gosh I could see the tiredness in her eyes… So I struck a convo with her and said ‘Yeah, at that age, we are super duper tired after a day of motherhood…’. I also added but it gets better… ‘2 year old is the best time!’. My little girl is super cute now.   I also added that I wish she could stay so cute till 4 years old. Ggrr. I think I love kids but just that money wise and body wise, I can’t…


Another mom I talked to had a son around my girl’s age. Wow he was so active and ran all over the clinic. Good thing was his parents disciplined but laughed it off so that they do not end up getting high blood pressure. Should have taken their contacts… I think I could click with them so well.


So I commented to her, ‘I guess your battey is about 10% left now.’.

She laughed.

Moms are like batteries. We charge overnight but loose power fast over the day. At times we can’t even fully charge overnight.


Throwback to My Asian Engagament on 12.12.12 – Before I Was A Hijabi

I was cleaning the house and saw old photos of myself… During my engagement on 12.12.12.

Brought back good memories and the times when I was slimmer and watching my diet.

Goodness how times have changed and my size too hahaha.

These few days I have cut down on my food intake and am gonna invest on an exercise machine soon. Thank God fasting month is coming back soon.

The Most Naturale Immune Booster

When I took Grab, I encountered many people whom I think could be Doctors on the sidelines. HAHA

They suggested to me a mixture of the following to up my immune system:

1) Honey

2) Lemon

3) Warm Water

Have it every morning and evening.

I stored it in the fridge as such.

Because SG is soooo hot, I opted for the Iced version but warm is supposedly the best.


Well, thanks a million to the caring Grab drivers for their advices. I had bad case of flu and cough so will continuously consume this.

Furthermore lemons are also good for detoxing.


How I Discipline My Daughter


Rule Number 1 – Don’t have too many forms of disciplining a child.

These are the top 3 things that I do:

1) Naughty Corner. I don’t shout but if she starts shouting and hitting her things as a form of anger. I will first call her name. Next, I will ask her to stand at the naughty and explain why I asked her to go there. My daughter listens… After 5 minutes, I ask her are you ready to apologize for your actions? If she is not ready, she won’t come. If she does not come, I remind her that I don’t shout so why must she shout? After thinking, she will come to me and say ‘Sorry’. AWW my heart melts afterwards… And I give her a big hug.

2) I will put her body on top of my laps and ask her to look me in the eyes. I will remind her that I am the one who prepares her food, bathes her, gives her medication and love her. Afterwards, I will ask, why did you hit your mom then? I have loved you fully and taken care of you so why did you behave that way? And then, I will pretend to be sad and say that it hurts. After 5 minutes, she apologizes.

3) If the above does not work, I leave her alone. I let her shout all she wants and leave her in the room. 5 minutes after, I come back and she has stopped shouting. Then, I will make a remark and say, ‘See you get nothing from shouting my dear’.

Yes and it has worked so far for me. She can be cheeky but she listens to us, her parents. I hug and give her plenty of kisses everyday when she is a good girl. Love her fully so that when you are angry with her actions, she will notice the difference.