Common Pet Peeves – Makes You Angry B4 But Laugh After

Good morning people! Today I am going to list the common pet peeves that angers normal people like us but when we think about it after the experience, it makes us laugh to ourselves. They are (based on my own experiences mostly)…. *drumrolls*:

1) The “Lift Groupies”: You already pressed the lift button and wait for your turn but a group of annoying people comes to wait and enters the lift FIRST leaving you with no space @ all. Get the hell outta the lift, I waited for 5 mins man.

2) The “Work Marathoners”: People rushing to work but treat it like a Marathon. You are already walking fast because you know that you would be late… But some monkeys think that you are over-taking them so they walk even faster. I am not trying to have a race but I am rushing for work. LOL

3) The “Late-Comers”: People who are late. Excuse me, do you think you are the Queen or something? Freaking set your alarm clock and don’t snooze it you fool…

4) The “Stinkos”: People who obviously needs a bath but refuses to bath totally because mentally they think they already smell good enough but in reality, we know how bad the smell is.

5) The Fan @ Work a.k.a. The “Suck-Ups”: In SG, we call people who really suck up to their bosses – “Kipas”. I ain’t definitely one of them for I speak my mind truthfully. However, I hate these “suckies”. They will, if their “suckiness” works, get promoted. I won’t clap my hands for them though because it’s not based on their own hard work.

6) The “World” People: In SG, if a person talks like as if they are billionaire but in actual fact, are not… we call them the “World” people. I had one colleague. She claimed she drove her sports car to Malaysia and people tried to rob things from in it. HOWEVER, she is always LATE for work. And guess what, where is your sports car woman? People can buy your story but I won’t unless if I see the object with my own eyes.

7) The “Stuck-Ups”: They think that they look like Miss Universe or rather Mr Manhunt. On top of that, they think that they are the best. When talking to you, it is as though you are someone who does not deserve their respect. YUCKS, these are the kinda people whom I truly dislike the most. They don’t even want to look you in the eyes because they find you out of their league.

8) The “Know-It-All”: You can talk about any topic in the world and they surely object or try to take over the conversation by saying more of their views so that people think they are the MOST knowledgeable. Oh God, why not you try signing up for Harvard since you’re so smart?

That’s about it for today all. Shall update on my slimming in action plan next 😛

Thank you so much for reading!


Alisha’s Mommy

What’s In My Bag – The Working Overly Organized Mom Version


Are you shocked? BAGS in a bag. YES, I am a very organized person. When I am stressed or tired, I become SLIGHTLY disorganized. When you open my bag, WOW, you find MORE bags. LOL

I carry the Michael Kors bag my hubby gifted to me as a wedding gift. Thank you my sweetheart! I love the color and style – It’s also a symbol of elegance in my eyes. HOWEVER, always remember that beneath the elegance lies a kid at heart. So… I placed my coins in a teddy bear pouch. OOPS, it’s true though. Hahaha

I organize my keys together using a keychain so that it’s not separated and easy to locate. The 3 bags categorized accordingly:

  1. Mua Feminine Bag – For emergency. YES, EMERGENCIES.
  2. Mua Finance & Calendar Bag – Contains my finance book (which sadly, I’ve not been able to save YET) & 2018 calendar so that I don’t forget important dates such as birthdays, meetings etc. It also has my roll-on perfumes to apply whenever I can sense that my underarms are starting to stink like a skunk. It also has a peel-able nail polish for whenever I wanna look extra glam or something
  3. Last, but not least, mua MUA bag – consisting of Maybelline BB Cream, Powder & Blusher, Lip Balm, Matte Lipstick, Sponge, Eyeshadow, Eyebrow Plucker, Eyeliner… Blah Blah Blah

I manage to squeeze in the Guy Laroche wallet as well. LOL it was a gift by my sweet younger brother for my birthday. Thank you darling brother. I organize money etc in it as well. Receipts I put it behind the zipper. Special notes from SG 50 I place it in an Angbao. I label it so that I don’t accidentally use it. OOPS.

The SGD$85 is what I have left from now till my payday. I shall survive! LOL whatever, I hope this year I would be able to save. May fortune begin to slide into my life… 

Money is the root of all evil they say but don’t we need to money to buy food and essentials? 

Alisha’s Mommy

About Me + Eyebrow Pencil That I Use

I’m sure many people are curious about who I am. My nickname is Eka. I aspire to one day be a blogger because I prefer to be my own boss someday.

According to my dad, I have Arabian genes from his side. According to my mom, I have Javanese genes from her side. My grandfather from dad side married a Chinese. Some people say that I look like a Malay while some say I look mixed. You be the judge because for me I am just a human being. Everyone is the same, with blood of the same color – red.

I live in the SUPER sunny Singapore. I was not a Hijabi but turned into one recently. I believe effort is very important in achieving any goals.

I am a fan of korean make up products. I used an eyebrow pencil from one of the Korean brands as well since I am Asian. LOL it seems to be the most suitable for my skin type. For eyebrows, I just like to follow the shape of my natural eyebrows – just enhancing them so that it does not look TOO fake. LOL

That’s about it. Another story for another day…

Alisha’s Mommy


Today, for BRunch, I had laksa goreng along with lady fingers. On top of that, I had sambal belachan with watermelon…

Last but not least, the Yoghurt Mixed Berries drink. LOL not bad, they taste very delish!

So, I guess I have to have light dinner and my nightly detox again tonight.


Alisha’s Mommy

Weekend Brunch

imageSince it’s the weekend, I decided to brunch by having salmon porridge. It had onion leaves and tasted soooo good.

After hearing stories of tapeworm, I have sworn to eat only cooked food.

Hello, I don’t want a tapeworm habitat in my intestines please…

Anyway, I still am not having rice but rather, just porridge with my nightly herbal detox.


Alisha’s Mommy