Alisha’s Birthday @ Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour – Hello Kitty Themed

My daughter should be considered super blessed as she had a 3 in 1 celebration.

A day after her birthday, we headed to Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour. The best part – it was Hello Kitty themed. But sadly, costs more than the normal rooms… Hahah

We travelled via KTM train to JB at SGD5 and from JB at RM$5. Please don’t forget to change your online printed ticket at the Woodlands Train Checkpoint before boarding the train. PLS ARRIVE EARLIER THAN TRAIN’S ARRIVAL TIMING. It was super fast which I honestly loved! Don’t expect tip top conditions as you pay for what you get. My daughter who is 2 loved the ride except for the waiting part where she was getting bored… I just prayed for our safety despite it being a 5 min train ride.

The staffs were friendly and our room was decorated for her birthday. My girl was so excited she almost fell off the bed twice from climbing… The king bed was of a distance from the ground. LOL children….

So anyways, we requested for a birthday cake. And they did give us a colourful cake for my daughter. HOWEVER, CAUTION: SUGAR RUSH. My child was singing non stop and started climbing on the sofa and bed…  So just give her a tiny portion while you take the bigger part yeah. HAHA

I am a Hijabi and wished I had burkini with me. The swimming pool and jacuzzi looked really nice… Should get one soon…

We went to the two most recommend malls in JB: Aeon @ Bukit Indah and Paradigm Mall.

Aeon was alright but not as great as Paradigm Mall. Wish I bought more cash… It was like a shopping haven. Wish one day someone can sponsor our shopping there or something. Hehehe Medini Mall guys is near Legoland but don’t waste your time thinking that you can shop there. It was dang boooring…. My hubby and I were super astonished by money wasted on Grab from the hotel. Hahaha

Anyway in Jb I would suggest travelling by Grab. It is pretty fast to travel within JB about 30 to 45 mins by Grab.

In whichever country you go to, just remain humble. There were nice tourists but there were snobbish ones too! Yucks, just being honest.

The only mistake was we did not check on which days Hello Kitty Town was opened. We were excited to go on Tuesday but guess what, we found out it freaking CLOSED on TUESDAYS! ARGH!

Luckily tickets could last till June 18. So saving it for next time with family.

Therefore, I went shopping instead at Paradigm Mall…. Hahaha love it people! Give it a try.

Thank you God for blessing us with a safe trip.

Will update soon with regards to her birthday party at her childcare.

This blog will act as a place for my child to see the good times we have as a family.


Alisha & Family

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