MUOTD, Chilling @ SG and delish foods in the AM @ Woodlands

MUOTD: Make-Up Of The Day HAHA

Singapore’s been raining non-stop for like almost a week. The temperature is about 21 degree celsius upon last check. The perks of such a cooling weather is that we save on the aircon bill. Hahaha I just quoted that from my hubby – who pays the bill.

Anyway I learnt something about make-up. It is best to buy a set of the same brand. In this case, Maybelline. I went for an Au Naturale look today. LOL not 100% natural considering that there was make-up involved.

Even though it was raining, my family and I endured it for the sake of food and our growling tummies. Hehehe after my girl and I both applied make-up. I told her not to do it guys but this 2 year old is pretty adventurous when it comes to style. LOL

Anyway, in my entire life, I just found the best roti prata and Nasi Lemak in Singapore…

It is at 888 plaza Woodlands. I just can’t enough of their super delish dishes!

Might be heading out later. Will post her birthday photos from Childcare next.

We are literally chilling here at SG which I love as heat has been a norm here. Sunny to windy… What a change.


Alisha & Family


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