Alisha’s Birthday @ Cherie Hearts Admirax (Playgroup)


My girl is a playgroup student at Cherie Hearts. I won’t be posting pictures with her friends around BUT… will describe the process so that parents know how childcares celebrate birthdays. Hahaha🍰

It was my first time so pretty clueless… But was informed that it was strictly btwn 3.45pm to 4.30pm.

Also, we, the parents have to sponsor both cake and goodie bags for the class. LOL

I bought for the class of 10 a party set and lollipop towel. We had fruit cake… Which I bought at Swee Heng. There was a kid who had 3 rounds LOL👶🏻

I could easily recognize my girl’s best friends. There were two.

The childcare has so far taken care of my daughter quite well. The downside is just the distance. I live in Woodlands but her childcare is at Sembawang. After subsidy, we are paying at $520 per month. Have to check out at ECDA website for more details…👅

We also Grab regularly to the childcare. I, the working mom, rush her to school every morning before going for work. SUPER TIRED. Hahaha we are not planning on changing childcare because she already has friends there.  We sent her to childcare at 1 year old.🙃

In Singapore, there is a waiting list… So some parents even when pregnant have already signed up their children for infant care hahaha. In Woodlands, all slots were taken so no choice, we took the next option which was Sembawang.

We speak a mixture of English and Malay at home but she learns Mandarin in school as that is what they offer. However,  I don’t really mind because it is more easier to mingle the more languages you know.😬

Anyway, overall, I was quite new to the whole birthday at childcare process… A little shocked too because I thought there would be a small present for her from the scchool. LOLOLOL

But what matters most she got to experience what it’s like celebrating with her friends in school….❤️

Just that hubby and I ended up super shagged after consecutive days of celebrating her birthday at different places. 😂




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