Alisha’s Growing Up Years – From Birth till 2 years old

Like I mentioned earlier in my previous post, I was not a Hijabi. When I was enlightened after birth, I slowly had the motivation to put on a Hijab.

My hubby and I got to know each back in 2011. We dated for about 1.5 years and got engaged on 12.12.12. After two years went by, we got married… And then, I met my love at first sight – my daughter, Alisha. This was the only time I believed in love at first sight.

I gave birth after 5 hours of labour at Thomson Medical Centre. Initially, I thought of giving birth in a government hospital at KKH but changed my mind after I had a bad experience there… My water bag did not burst and I had no signs of giving birth to be frank. However, after my check-up with Dr Kanika (my private doctor), we found out that my daughter’s heartbeat was monotonous. I was worried because this was the child I had been carrying within me for like about 8.5months. We rushed to Thomson Medical upon realizing that…

FYI I did not have vomiting for only 3 months a.k.a. first semester. I vomited for a total of 8.5months. In other words, the WHOLE pregnancy. For the first time in my life, I lost 10kg.

The first year was challenging because we needed to teach our child to walk and her constant crying. My husband works shift so we had to have a common understanding between us. My family did help while we were staying with them.

When she was 1 year old, we had just finished renovations and was prepping for our new house. So finances were VERY tight… Even now but it is manageable. Do note on top of the house, we had to pay for her childcare, milk, pampers and other baby needs. She started solids when she was 6 months old. Thank God she is within the 90% percentile. Even though we were financially tight, I always make it a point that she has a childhood – meaning playground, toys, books. Something physical and not just digital even though we are a Smart nation here in Singapore.

My husband and I did argue and quarrel but we managed to pull through the tough stage. People will keep commenting on how you handle your children but for me, I only digest the comments that matter, the comments that can further help both me and my child. The demoralizing ones, I put it at bay because it does affect you mentally, physically and emotionally… Especially breastfeeding, I was only able to breastfeed for two months. I tried my best to breastfeed. I even cried because I only wanted to give my daughter the best… When people commented that they could breastfeed their children up to 2 years old, I was even more affected. With time, I realized that it does not matter what people think because they are not going through what you’re going through. They will never understand… So, I did what I had to do – which was feed my baby when she was just 2 months old – I switched to formula. She kept crying because she was hungry…

And all praises to Allah she is a healthy 2 year old now. She can run, read, talk, sing and give me kisses and hugs every single day without fail. She does that with my husband too…

I love her at this age even though she can be cheeky. There’s a lot of interaction between us and her hugs make me feel very happy after a looooong day at work. Her existence matters in our marriage. In every outing, she makes sure we hold hands with her in the middle…

She is definitely the greatest blessing God has given us. I hope all couples get to experience this feeling of happiness and gratitude of having a child in their lives even though, to be real, the first 2 years are the hardest…

What I heard from others though is that the teenage period is the hardest… but let’s just save that for another time and just enjoy whatever we have in the present.

Because well, the present is a gift…


Alisha & Family

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