Growing the Love for English Language (Toddler)


How We Helped Our Child Develop A Love for the English Language

  1. Read to her a storybook every night since Birth
    She might not understand what in the world you’re talking about but it does work. Why? Because when she turned 1.5 year old, she could repeat whatever we’ve read to her since birth.
  2. Listen to Music even while your child is in your womb
    It is best when you’re pregnant. Believe it or not, your child is enjoying the music as well based on research. Everyday I would play a song for her to sing to and dance to. On top of that, I even dance with her people. LOL
  3. Select colorful storybooks
    For my child, I would buy a series of books for Popular that are colorful and has lots of images. Every weekend, I would go for a few rounds of explaining to her what the things are and testing her by asking her what the things are a few days or weeks later on the way to her school via Grabcar. It builds your child’s interest in learning more.
  4. Play a lullaby every night
    My daughter sleeps to the sound of peaceful lullaby every night. This helps her to have a good night’s sleep. This also keeps her mind awake when she wakes up in the morning to learn more about the world.
  5. Bring a book to school (a.k.a. childcare)
    Instead of bringing her favorite soft toy to school, why not bring a favorite book? I let my child bring to school a book titled ‘My Mum and I’ so that she is constantly reminded of me in school and remembers me in her heart.
  6. Paste colorful posters at home
    In her bedroom, I paste a lot of colorful posters that teaches her alphabets and things around her. On top of that, I put up her masterpieces from school onto the wall. This helps her to recap whatever she has learnt in school. Whenever I point to the masterpiece, for example a lamb, she will automatically sing the song ‘Mary had a little lamb’.

Always remember, learning should always be made fun.

Hope this helps!


Alisha & Family

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