Ice-Breakers for Primary 2 students

Well, surprise surprise I am a freelance trainer – once a month due to family commitments. So, I am here just to share what I did with my class the other day. Ice-breakers require planning so here’s just a glimpse of what I did with the kids.

First, we did an activity where they had to draw me. I am a Hijabi but I asked to them to guess whether I had short or long hair. Surprisingly, both drew an image of me that was identical. Guess what I did next? I paired them up for any other further activities. Also, the purpose of this activity is to allow the kids to introduce me to their parents if they do ask them at home.

Next, I asked both of them to take off their shoes and put them at the side of their chairs. They were instructed to draw them and using key words I wrote on the board (i.e. color), they had to write a short paragraph on the shoes they were wearing.

Afterwhich, I folded an A4 paper into 6 parts. Each student drew half of the image that I asked them to draw in the following order: Head, Body and Legs.

Last but not least, we played Treasure Hunt. I wrote the word “Treasure” on a piece of A4 paper and hid the paper somewhere in the class. They laughed and had lots of fun looking for the so called “Treasure”. The fun did not just end there. I joined them as well. I let the kids take turns to hide the “Treasure” so that I could participate.

I wanted to make them love the English Language at the end of the day and I hope I achieved that.


Alisha’s Mommy

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