Child-Friendly Mall @ SG’s Marina Square

Marina Square was a very fun place for the family. We (hubby & I) got to be kids again. LOL

There was a playground at Level 2 just beside Marks & Spencer. My child loved it a lot. HOWEVER, please go during weekdays where there are lesser people… Because it’s packed on weekends. The last picture was taken on the way walking to Marine Square.

My daughter has mastered the posing skill. 😛 My hubby and girl took a ride on the green animal. Why animal? Because I was not sure what animal it was at all. HAHA could be a monkey I guess? If I recall correctly, it’s by the company ZooMove? Quite expensive but I loved riding it to be honest… LOL

All the children outlets were there like Kiddy Palace and Mothercare. So you could shop for your kids there… You have to take out your footwear due to hygiene reasons.

Overall, I loved going there. My child loved the environment.

We ate at Mc Donald’s for breakfast as we went to the mall very early in the morning. My daughter kept crying because she saw Mc Donald’s balloons while walking in the food restaurant. 😛 So I went to the counter to ask for one of the balloons. LOL


Alisha & Family

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