How I Trained My Toddler To Sleep Early Despite Being a Working Mom (Between 8pm-9pm) – The Weekdays Version

Daddy’s Girl Forever

Having troubles putting your child to sleep? OR Planning to train your child to sleep?

It all starts from birth my friends.

So I’m going to share with you tips that you can use or rather, apply.

However, do remember that every child is different. What works for me might not work for you. No promises, LOL.

I’m working a temporary job right now. For obvious reasons, I need to feed my child… And her expensive childcare.

Here’s a short glimpse of how my life is daily:

  1. Wake up @ 6am
  2. Prepare milk for my 2 year old toddler
  3. While she is drinking milk, I take a quick bath (YES, QUICKIE)
  4. Afterwhich, I quickly cleanse her milk bottle
  5. Give her a warm bath and get her ready for school
  6. Send her to childcare via Grab as I mentioned the distance is pretty far so I reach about 7am
  7. Work starts @ 8am
  8. LOOONG day goes by
  9. Work ends @ 5.30pm

And the marathon begins…

I take MRT from Yio Chu Kang MRT all the way to Sembawang MRT. Then, I would grab to her childcare and grab home from there. During the Grabcar ride, I will do some reading with her.

Once home at around 6.30pm, I let her eat her dinner. I would usually bath first while she eats. If she’s still eating, I would have dinner with her. ;P Bonding time and also, cleaning her mess time… LOL

Time check: 7.30pm… Another race begins.

These are useful tips to train your child to sleep early:

  1. Give her a very wam bath
  2. Dry her with a towel
  3. Apply bedtime oil as well as Telon Oil (to keep her body warm)
  4. Apply Vicks on the Chest, Back & Feet (prevents cold)
  5. If the weather is warm, keep the fan speed to 2.
  6. If the weather is cooling, keep the fan speed to 1.
  7. Give her the best warm milk she’s ever tasted in her life (While giving her milk, please switch on the lullaby and switch off the lights to prepare her)
  8. Brush her teeth
  9. Hug her to bed and wait till she sleeps (This tightens the bond because of the human touch) – I’m willing to wait 😛

It is worth it because once she has a good night’s sleep between 8pm-9pm, she will automatically wake up at 6am. 

And the cycle continues…

Hope that this sort of helps.


Alisha & Family

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