(Y)ou play a big role in HappY

smileyToday, I will be discussing about us having the choice to be happy.

Why do I say (Y)ou play a big role in HappY?

How do we attain Happiness? I, myself, am searching for ways to continuously be happy. But learnt it through the simplest things in life.

H – Health. Without Health, there would be no Wealth. You won’t have the strength and energy to work. So, eat healthy, have some herbs and exercise!

A – Attitude. Your attitude towards life matters. If you think mentally that you’re sick, you will be sick. I once saw an old lady pushing a ton of cardboard boxes. She was very thin but her attitude made it possible.

P – Positive Mindset. Stop complaining and set a to-do list everyday. The one with the highest priority place it at the top.

P – Prioritize. Have a calendar. Note down and highlight important events and things to do so that you won’t forget. The more effective you are, the more happier you will be.

Y – YOU. It starts with YOU. If you choose to live the same life, it would forever be the same. However, if you choose to live life like it’s lived only once, laugh freely and be happy to be you.


Alisha & Family

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