Animals Share A World With Us

This happened last year. Last year, I did tutoring and chanced upon this bird laying on the floor helpless. I felt a heavy feeling of sadness. First thought was leaving it alone but then, I wouldn’t be able to live with the regret after.

Luckily, I saw my friend. She helped me to carry the bird. Afterwhich, I carried it and put it somewhere safe temporarily while conducting my lesson.

While teaching, I still thought of the bird so I waited till classes were over. During our break, we thought of letting the bird go but we could not do so as it did not walk. But it was so sweet to us, playing with us with whatever energy it had left.

I thought it was an eagle. I suggested my friends and I bought it to a vet. We took a Grab to the nearest vet hoping that we could at least save it if it was ill.

Upon arrival, the bird was identified as a swiftlet. After a check-up by the vet, we were given two chances – to take care of it OR to leave it at the vet for the vet to take care of it but with a price. The chance of survival was close to none.

I cried a bit because I felt so sad… The bill was close to $300. We chose to let the vet take care of it as we had no experience.

Unfortunately, the swiftlet did not survive. 😦 We were so sad by the news, my friends and I.

I honestly pray that swiftlet would remember us in Heaven and be around us. I loved the swiftlet even if it was just for a day because of it’s will to live by playing with us.

What we got out of this was a closer friendship or bond after saving another living being…

Till then, another story for another day.


Alisha’s Mommy

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