Slimming In Action


I have been happy. TOO happy in fact wih my life that I am beginning to eat a lot. Hahaha

Today I will be setting a Slimming in Action plan:

1) ByHerbs Trimlite Essence (made from herbs; detox) – every night before bed

2) Jamu (woman’s herb supplement) – every morning

3) Meals WITHOUT rice, supplement with potatoes (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner)

4) Fasting (Hubby’s Off Days)

My ideal weight should be 65kg given my height of 166cm. However, I am slightly above that. I would like to target my weight to drop to 60kg first. If I succeed within a month, I will post a picture of my final weight on the weighing scale here with me standing on it. LOL

The plan will commence as of tomorrow.

The important takeaway is your main reason of loosing weight.

The reason everyone should have for loosing weight is to have a better health.


Alisha’s Mommy



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