Brisk Walking on a Sunday + Breakfast of the Day (Slimming in Action)


Hello everyone! Weekends, I don’t strictly follow the desired diet but I still put aside Rice from my diet. Today, my family and I went for a brisk walk in order to buy our breakfast – even my toddler!

In total, today we brisk walked for up 1km. It was breezy so not too bad – THANK GOD. Yeah I drank two boxes of Milo. I love Milo! I don’t cough a lot now because I make it a point to just drink Milo.

I had Mee Soto today – which means just Mee, some shreds of chicken and soup. In order to have vegetables, I topped up with sambal Petai – Parkia speciosa. It freakin stinks in your mouth, body and even after you pee in the toilet. HOWEVER, it has many benefits…

Guess what, after I ate this, I ran to the toilet to poop. WOW. LOL

It tastes good, light and not heavy at all. I don’t have anymore migraines, my body feels lighter and all the walking has helped me to keep fit.

Of course before eating etc, I had my Jamu first – the herb for ladies. You can check out more about it online… 😉

Alisha’s Family



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