How I Take Care of My Face Daily – The Busy/Lazy Bum Method


Good afternoon everyone! Here from SG again. Hahaha, a lot of my friends commented that my face is clean – free from pimples and etc. In the pictures above, you will notice one of the pic shows the chilli that came off my lips.

I actually do the following simple steps:

  1. I pray 5 times a day as per my religion. We have to ensure that our face is super clean before praying. So, in other words, I cleanse my face 5 times a day without fail. LOL
  2. Every night before bed, I use Nurish organic brightening essence. I apply it to my face using an unscented wet wipe. Using the same wet wipe and rotating the sides of the wipe, I put it all over my face. Look at all the crap that escaped from my face. LOL Using a new piece of unscented wet wipe, I squeezed a pump of the Eye brightening essence and tapped it around my eye area. YES, I have a little bit of Uncle Fester’s eye bags – the dark round circles. After I tried this, it did appear slightly light. I bought them at JB, Malaysia. Furthermore, it’s Organic!
  3. After I return home from work, I use an unscented wet wipe with Olive Oil to remove the make-up. It really comes off.
  4. I live on average income so I’m using cheaper products which I can afford. HOWEVER, if you are loaded, the best is to use SKII. It really works.

That’s about it. I’m a busy working mom so I just do what I can and somehow, based on comments I have received, it does work.


Alisha’s Mommy

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