WEfie with Alisha before School + Breakfast as part of Slimming in Action (Progress)

Above is a snapshot of my girl & I. I was waiting for my GrabHitch to come. Anyway, this is a picture in case you were wondering how I look like. HAHA I asked her to smile – that’s her smile guys.

Today for breakfast I had:

  1. Milo Ice
  2. Potatos
  3. Lady’s Finger
  4. Fish
  5. Watermelon

Plus, AGAIN, sambal belachan! LOL Can’t live without it. 😛 Chilli, if you read up, is pretty good for you body. And you probably guessed right, I ran to the toilet after…

Anyway, as you guys know, I just started this slimming in action thing and I can start seeing result. Today I wore the dress that I wore when I had a love handle which was, to be honest, pretty big. HAHA

Guess what, my love handle only seemed like a 10% today. I am super happy man. When I sit, the love handle does not appear to be. I wonder why people call it a love handle – it should be hate handle right? I mean since most of us do not want it? LOLOLOL

Okay till then…

Alisha’s Mommy

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