Breakfast of the Day + Thumbs Up (Hubby noticed tummy shrunk a little) + Reducing Stretch Marks after birth


I had the same usual but TASTY:

  1. Bittergourd
  2. Potatoes
  3. Squids
  4. Milo
  5. Watermelon

With never ever forgetting – Sambal Belachan! YUMMY, to loose weight, you actually don’t have to give yourself hell.

Enjoy the whole experience and journey guys.

So, just wanted to mention about the dress I wore. My husband hugged me from the back. I do have a good asset – a bum just like J LO. LOL that is before stretch marks are exposed. But anyways, everyone has stretch marks it’s just whether you want to admit it. Come on people, just admit that you have stretch marks at your bums.

We don’t have to feel sad about all of these. We are all humans… When we loose weight, the marks will still be there but I thank God that after I gave birth my tummy does not have stretch marks now. What I did was to religiously apply Bio Oil every night… EVEN IF I FELT LIKE A LAZY BUM WHO JUST WANTED TO A GOOD NIGHT’S SLEEP WITH A CRYING BABY. LOL

I just wanted to share that I am happy with being slightly lighter… With continuously have healthy meals for myself and for my husband. There are so many beautiful women out there… We have to ensure we look good for ourselves one and for our hubby second. In my religion, only our husbands can know the shape of our body. My hubby seems to be liking what he sees. Hahaha.

Till then…


Alisha’s Mommy

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