Tired Working Mom + Hubby on Shifts


Today is the day where I feel absolutely tired. I just want to hop onto a bed and let my body rest. My hubby is on the night shift for these three days. So, I have to rush my daughter to school these few days. God knows how my body feels like breaking into pieces. SUPER TIRED. I have been training myself to take the train… I reach work @ about 7.55am whenever I have to send my girl to the childcare. On my hubby’s off days, he would send her to the childcare.

Tomorrow my hubby would be sending her in the AM and I would be fetching her back as my husband has company dinner. Super shagged. As a working mom, I have days where I would just feel like having a spa treatment for myself. Especially when time of the month is coming soon, it gets worse. I am just sharing my point of view as a woman here… As a working mom with a hubby who works shift. I appreciate my hubby working very hard to bring income for the family but I wish I could see him on more nights. To be able to hug him during his off days act as a form of comfort for him.

This Friday I don’t have to send or fetch her. My hubby will be doing it – thus the extreme fatigue. Because every morning, I feel like I am in a race… I have to give her milk. While she drinks her milk, I bath at the same time. After that, I would get to her have a warm bath which as a toddler, she might try to run away at times hahaha. Goodness! It’s cute but well, I am rushing for time here. We both wake up at 6am or earlier depending on her mood… As she sleeps early at 8pm.

After she bathes, I have to put all the clothes in the washing machine. Prepare her drinking water bottle in her childcare bag. On top of that, I have to clean the bed. After I take GrabHitch to her childcare, I GrabHitch to the nearest MRT – which is Sembawang. That is like a distance from our home in Woodlands. From Sembawang I take an MRT to Yio Chu Kang. From the MRT I walk to my workplace.

Thus, the plan to change her childcare…

Going home is yet another marathon. I am so tired… However, I know that it is worth it at the end as life would be boring without my girl. It’s just that I have to express myself somewhere of how tired I feel and how I miss my hubby when he is on shifts.


Alisha’s Mommy

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