The Best Hair Dye That I’ve Used So Far


Credit: Redmart & NaturVital

I have tried many forms of hair dyes but this is the best one so far. It is not literally a hair dye but it sorta works like it.

I tried it and the colour lasted for like 1 week. However, do note when using this product:

  1. Always put on hand gloves
  2. Place a towel on from your shoulders down so that the colors do not end up on any other parts of your body besides your hair
  3. Use it like a shampoo – 1 bottle can last for like a month so I find that it is worth it as it does not damage your hair at all

I LOVE THIS PRODUCT SO MUCH! My hair appeared very shiny and healthy-looking after I tried this Henna Mask. People also loved the color as it was quite apparent…

This vegan friendly color hair mask contains organic henna and wheat germ extracts. Can be used as often as you like. Soft moisturized and shiny hair with touch of color that revives the hairs natural look. Wheat germ oil, rich in vitamin E, restructures the hair, prevents dehydration and improves flexibility. Thanks to its easy application, you can restructure and soften your hair, giving it vibrant shine in five minutes. You can use the mask as often as you like. Using it more often produces more intense highlights. Color highlights fade out in three or four washes. Natural hair coloring available with NO PPD, NO AMMONIA, NO PEROXIDES, NO RESORCINOL, NO SLS, NO GLUTEN, NO MINERAL OILS, NO ABP. (Credits: Redmart)

This post is definitely not sponsored because I am not a famous blogger. However, I just wanted to share this with people because I genuinely love the product.

Alisha’s Mommy

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