About Me + Eyebrow Pencil That I Use

I’m sure many people are curious about who I am. My nickname is Eka. I aspire to one day be a blogger because I prefer to be my own boss someday.

According to my dad, I have Arabian genes from his side. According to my mom, I have Javanese genes from her side. My grandfather from dad side married a Chinese. Some people say that I look like a Malay while some say I look mixed. You be the judge because for me I am just a human being. Everyone is the same, with blood of the same color – red.

I live in the SUPER sunny Singapore. I was not a Hijabi but turned into one recently. I believe effort is very important in achieving any goals.

I am a fan of korean make up products. I used an eyebrow pencil from one of the Korean brands as well since I am Asian. LOL it seems to be the most suitable for my skin type. For eyebrows, I just like to follow the shape of my natural eyebrows – just enhancing them so that it does not look TOO fake. LOL

That’s about it. Another story for another day…

Alisha’s Mommy

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