1 Compliment Lasts A Whole Day

These few days… I felt very ugly. I felt like I looked horrible. I felt tired. I felt shagged. I felt demoralized. I felt like my hair was in a mess. I felt like my face was a little not in place.

I felt like I was loosing my beauty… No matter how much makeup I used. Goodness, BB cream etc. Today I did a whole face threading during lunch. Felt better but I don’t know why I feel like I don’t look good still.

But my day today was enhanced… When one of my colleagues who I seldom say Hi and Bye too said I was very pretty. That was what it took to make my day.

Gee… Thanks woman. I think we all need that one compliment to make our perception change about ourselves. I feel relieved for having done the whole face threading.

I think make up overall can’t cover tiredness. I think it’s time I admit that I am really super tired and need a good massage as well as supplements that actually work.

Pampering sessions require money though…


Rush Hour

Gah, everyday is the same cycle… You are rushing but the person who is walking beside you thinks that you wanna challenge them and they walk even faster…

God, if I wanted that, I would have joined a Marathon… Anyhow, I think I am collecting the same amount of sweat in the train everyday. Crowded but aircon ventilation is not so good… Plus many different aromas to smell from. Hahaha


But life is as such here in SG… You wanna Grab everyday you can but maybe you would be only left with chips to eat in one month. I mean if you can survive with that, why not right? If given a choice, people would probably not prefer the train…


Can’t complain much though. I read a recent article about a boy in China who walked to school in freezing cold and surprisingly, he survived…


Real Friends


It is so hard to find a real friend these days and Camila just nailed it with her latest song.

I have had friends who put on a facade. Friends who only want to use you. Friends who take advantage of your kindness. Friends who want a better life than yours. Friends who add all the people you know.


Sigh… Some have disappointed me real deep after years of friendship. Some totally ignored me after years of loyalty.


I got so fed up that I… closed all my social media accounts. And contact only those who truly matters and cares.


I am glad that I have chosen only real friends now… I am glad I made the circle small. When I was young, the circle was big but how many can you actually call friends?


But I want to give a loud shoutout to the people who support me at this site. You made my day and gave my life a new meaning and hope that we build a circle of friendship here.


Young, Dumb & Broke

Yesterday, I heard a conversation between 2 students. She said, ‘I’ve got no more cash to buy food from the canteen anymore.’

That was not the funny part though… Until she sang the song ‘Cause I’m Young, Dumb, Young, Dumb and Broke’. I was laughing in my head. Hahaha

Well, just wait until you turn into an adult with many things to pay…


Yes, literally… After paying for bills and other necessities, and if you have the fishing skills, you can probably go and try hunt for your own fish supply… To survive…


And yet again, I am typing this blog in a crowded train. I guess this kinda environment makes me think more. Hahaha


Hubby’s Birthday

My hubby and I have made it a point to visit our parents at least once a month. Sooo… Yesterday we visit his parents because it was his birthday.


Anyway I realized that kids these days are quite fashionable and a kid like my girl who is just 2 wants to choose her own outfit.


His dad asked, ‘So old, and still want to celebrate birthday?’ Excuse me, even a hundred year old woman celebrates her birthday. There is nothing wrong in having a birthday celebration. Hahaha


But I am glad we have a daughter to celebrate his birthday with. Well, they say a child is a blessing.

I chose to type this blog in a crowded MRT because it helps to cool me down. Hahaha because in my head, I am forming many thoughts. So better to shut my mouth and type a blog.



Alisha’s Mommy

How I Discipline My Lower Primary students when giving Training


After multiple years of experience, I think I have mastered the technique of handling lower Primary students.


1) Classroom Rules on the whiteboard everyday

2) Small & Affordable rewards for being able to complete all tasks at hand

3) Humour – Kids these days get bored easily

4) Always take note of VAK – Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic Learning Styles

5) Games 10 minutes before lesson ends i.e. Treasure Hunt in my case

6) Prizes for FULL attendance every semester i.e. every 6 months

SO, how did I inject humour during class? Can humour actually be used to discipline a class? My discipline technique actually makes them think. No screaming needed as they would get used to the tone of your voice. It caters to all – even my students who have autism and ADD.



Kid: Teacher, can we go for a break now? (Break is at 10am but he requested at 9.20am)

Myself: Sure, if your Dad is the principal of the school.

Student laughs but continues doing his work.



Kid: Teacher, my dad drives an Audi and he is rich. (Boasting but likes to get lazy at times)

Myself: Sure but if you refuse to do your work and choose to be lazy, the only car that you would be driving is a toy car.

Student laughs and finished all his Math problems earlier than expected.



Student: Teacher, can we eat in class please during break? (There is a canteen fyi)

Teacher: Sure, but I shall volunteer your name to clean the class after this class ends when your classmates have all gone home.

Student laughs and immediately goes to canteen during break.



Student: Teacher, there is so much to write. (Complaining)

Teacher: Did you know that people who don’t have hands to would like to write? They would love to be in your position to have the gift and chance to write.

Whole class begins writing diligently.


These days students are intelligent. We have to always do reasoning with them. take note my students were 8 year olds with different learning styles and abilities.


Soooo… Enjoy teaching. Save your voice. Stop shouting. Get them to think.




Cheating… Yes, cheating. I have seen it happening around me. A wife who got cheated on by her husband, a friend who was causing a husband to cheat on the PREGNANT wife…


Don’t be shocked, it is happening in the world and nowadays, people are not caring whether the other is married or not.

This friend of mine was so stubborn and probably desperate too because she kept insisting to me that the guy loves her etc. But I told her the guy has a wife who is a nurse working shift working her butt off to bring extra income while PREGNANT and you are doing this kinda stuff…


I then asked her whether SHE would love it to be in the wife’s position because well, if he can do it to his wife, he can do it to you too…

After MONTHS of trying to knock some sense into her head, she finally ended the background relationship.


Another story is of my aunt. She got divorced once but married this man who was younger than her by 10 years. She had two kids. With him, she had another two. She even works two jobs but lo and behold, he has a Scandal and she found out about it.


I do read online on why people cheat but think twice before doing so because you might just loose everything and everyone that really matters to you…



PS: Thank you Hubby for being a loyal husband so far.