My Hubby’s Birthday (Coming Soon) is the day we officially became BFGF + Our Journey before Marriage

Credit goes to our photographer: Tiga MM

The above photo consists of me without the hijab as I was not a Hijabi before as I previously mentioned. I’m not proud of it but at the same time, I won’t deny any of my past.

We got to know each other in Jan 2011 if I recall correctly. I just ended my previous relationship which failed and was not ready to commit. On top of that, I did not know how to be a girlfriend. Initially, I thought of finishing my degree which I just started. I gave up on love because I did not believe in it in the first place. I strongly believed that I would be single…

Yes, I would admit that I did go on dates. But I was not ready to truly fall in love in my life. A few of the guys that I dated asked me whether I wanted to get engaged to them which I refused because we just dated for like a few months… I don’t even know you inside out man. LOL I took care of my purity though. Yes I did… Even though times are modern, I stayed pure. I would only give it as a gift to my future husband – the most deserving bachelor.

To be honest, I asked all the dates I had the same question – Are you pure? YES, my friends were like WHAT? You serious girl? Asking that kinda question… But for me, better to know it earlier than later. LOL Only my husband passed the test.

He was pretty generous and committed. I still remember the first time he asked me to be his girlfriend… We were walking around the mall looking at rings. Since he asked me to choose, I chose the one with a diamond. HAHA I was actually testing how serious he was with me. AND he did not object to it at all. On the day we became official bfgf, he got me a diamond ring.

Time went by… We had a great time dating. It was pretty fun. Even though, he claimed that I am not adventurous enough. After 1year plus close to 2 years, we decided to get engaged. It was a tough journey pre-engagement and pre-wedding as it was not only between us but between families as well. We had to ensure the wedding plan fitted our budget.

We do have our BIG differences but opposites attract. 😛 I always got bored of my other dates but my husband keeps the relationship alive. We always had debates but it keeps me on my feet. Though most of the time I would honestly disagree with his views

Even though he can be stubborn, given time, he will consider my views… Which I appreciate so for our wedding… We both gave in to each other. There were hiccups, which I won’t try to hide… We fought a lot and we shed many tears.

However, I gave him the most valuable gift during our wedding, which is my purity… Which I saved for the man I want forever in my life.

But I am very happy we got through the wedding… I have a surprise for my husband on his birthday. My husband overall is not a romantic person… But when he wants to gift me with something… He goes BIG. He is not stingy. This surprise will involve 3 of us though… My husband, my dear daughter and I. 🙂

Dear husband, don’t ask me what it is… Thank you for being a friend, a buddy, a husband… I can’t wait to see you grow old with no teeth and hair.

I will love you till my last breath… And hope that we end up in Heaven together. Thank you Allah for letting me fall in love. Thank you for being my boy-friend for 7 years.


Alisha’s Mommy

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