Eat Smart – Today’s Breakfast & Simple tips for keeping your weight in check

Today, I had very light breakfast – Sambal Ikan Bilis Bun. Will share my lunch later! LOL I had a craving for something sweet yet sourish. O M G I finished the Scoox in like what… 5 minutes? LOL

Okay, here are tips to keep your weight in check:

  1. Always have your breakfast, lunch & dinner – Don’t skip any meals because you might over-eat
  2. If you think your plate has too much food, just share with your family members – I usually give to my hubby in this case 😛 Sorry hubby…
  3. I know you are hungry but CHEW your food slowly. Well, I am guilty for eating too fast at times! OOPS :X
  4. Have small portions of food – Smaller plate for example.
  5. Reduce drinks that add on the calories like Pepsi etc. For me, I now stick to just Iced Milo and mineral water.
  6. Brisk walk to work and use the staircase at work everyday – Gets your body moving. Today I briskwalked to the train and it was freaking 1km people. LOL I try to walk and climb the stairs a whole. If you have a tracker, even better!
  7. Have herbal detox every night. Clears the crap out of your intestines.

That’s it for today! Stay Healthy!


Alisha’s Mommy

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