Walk-In Wardrobe (The Budget Version)

Here at SG… Most of us try to budget as much as we can due to the high cost of living.

Soooo welcome to the SHARED walk-in wardrobe of my hubby and I. Yes… SHARED. 😂

We have a nice ceiling fan… We ordered these two super extra strong clothes holder from JML and well the clothes did NOT stink a bit at all because it is constantly air dried.  👍🏻

Iron we ordered from JML as well (hubby’s idea) and it works as a really good steamer. Just beware if you have kids though they have curious minds… 😁

We DO not use curtains at all… Only blinds because of one good reason… NO WASHING NEEDED. My hubby’s ideas as well…

Yeah that’s about it… Next post would be on tips on how to grow back hair from a bald patch.

I shall repeat, all posts are not sponsored because who the hell am I right? LOL am not famous at all so you can sorta trust my recommendations.


Alisha’s Mommy

Thank you all for supporting my blog. ❤️


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