Turqoise Themed OOTD (Hijabi Version) + What Does Your FAV Colour Tell About You

Good morning everyone! Here’s a glimpse of how I style myself up. We must look good as this represents us and how we view ourselves. My favourite colour is turquoise. I for one love an au naturale look.

Your eyebrows – must be on fleek. Clear any gaps in between with an eyebrow pencil. I use the dark brown shade because that is the colour of my hair. My eye is also dark brown in color. LOL I mean if you were to look closely.

I bought my blouse from Aeon Mall @ JB costing about SGD$25. It’s of good quality! The hijab is from my cousin. She is a businesswoman selling Hijabs. The crystals are actually Swarovski crystals – They look extremely elegant which is why I love.

The shoes are from Crocs. I love turquoise so much! It is a beautiful color.

Let’s create a lame joke guys – Today I am experiencing the Monday BLUES literally

Here’s a glimpse of what your characters are (based on your favorite color):


Just sharing a link which I find very interesting…


Alisha’s Mommy


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