We Show Care But What If People Care LESS


Credits: AllahAlJalil.Tumblr.Com

Today, in the train, I was sitting at the Reserved Seat. In SG we have a thing where reserved seats we give to people who deserve it more – pregnant, elderly etc. 👩🏻👴🏻

So, for me, today I saw this lady who was pregnant. Her face was already grumpy in the first place. I offered her a seat because I remembered when I was pregnant and NOT a single soul gave me a seat AT ALL. FYI I vomited the WHOLE pregnancy and had fainting spells. 😤

Guess what? After giving her my seat, no thank you. But the worse part was no response when I was freaking talking to her. She did not even smile. 🙅🏻

Now she is checking her lottery tickets numbers. 🙄 Question now is was she even pregnant? And another, how could you accept the seat if in your heart you are not preggy but BLOATED?

The world is a peaceful place but humans will be the cause of harm to the world… 🙍🏻


Alisha’s Mommy

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