This Is The Reason Why The Ring Finger is used for the Wedding Ring

Heyheyhey! Want to know why your ring finger is where the wedding band is? 😃

Clasp your hands tightly together. Now, put both sides of the middle finger together and try to separate them individually. Easy right?😬

Sure, do the same for all the other fingers. ✋🏻

And you will notice that only the ring finger cannot be separated. No matter how much force you use. 🙃

Sweet isn’t it? Till death do us apart. May God strengthen the bond we have with our partners. ❤️

For the singles, don’t worry. Enjoy your life as love will come at the right time for you. ⏱

Love came into my life when I learnt to love myself first.🙍🏻

PS: The partially wrinkly hands belongs to yours truly. LOL well gotta accept the fact that we all will age one day.


Alisha’s Mommy

How To Color Co-ordinate Your Outfit The Simplest Way + OOTD Of The Day

Today I’m gonna share some tips & tricks of color co-ordinating your outift. Here goes:

  1. Choose one outfit that has multiple colors – In this case, my blouse
  2. Choose a cardigan that matches one of the colors on your blouse – Dark Pink
  3. Choose a pants that matches one of the colors on your blouse – Green
  4. Choose a hijab that matches one of the colors on your blouse – Blue

Shoes – The best is to go for black (Matches EVERYTHING)

If possible, have a shoe that has studs.

Will post again later.


Alisha’s Mommy