We Can Learn More About Life From Our Own Children

Many people think that we as parents are the ones teaching our kids lessons on life.

But, truth is, they are teaching more than we think. They are teaching us to grow up.

How I have Evolved As A Mom:

1) I Am Now Hard-Working – I don’t laze around anymore. Even though I am hella tired, I still get up to clean the house as I have a lil one.

2) Enjoy Life & Not Care What People Think – I used to live life as a boring person but my child made me adventurous. I walk more and travel more without giving in to my lazy day mood.

3) LOL – She laughs at the simplest things. When she drives me mad, she laughs too. But I learnt to laugh it off as well because she will be a grown-up one day & I will miss her childhood.

4) Love More – With her, I learnt what it is to love sincerely. A mother’s love is the greatest after God that is…

However, I must admit that sometimes I feel running out of the house and just go to Maldives to have a break…

But hey, life is short! Live it like it’s your last. ❤️💸


Alisha’s Mommy