Huda Beauty ‘Famous’ Matte Lipstick on Fair skin & How to deal with “The Arrogant” People

Hey All, today I decided to give this shade a try: “Famous”. This is how it looks like on fair skin. The one I bought comes in a set. It has a lip liner and two shades – Famous & Vixen. Vixen’s too dark for my skin so my eyeshadows would have to be dark if I were to decide to do so. ANYHOOS, I’m just going to work so it does not have to be too dark aye? LOL

To me, I love matte lipsticks but have to be pretty honest that it does not stay on just like Colorpop. So far, I think Colorpop‘s the best. It stays on and the color is really super attractive.

I do have freckles below my chin but I don’t bother anymore since all of us are born different. We should appreciate our differences and love ourselves more. Those who truly love us won’t be bothered by it because they see the beauty within.

Anyway, at my current workplace, there are other Muslimahs like myself who don the Hijab but do not really represent my religion that well. I could sense that they don’t really like my presence which is sad because my religion teaches – sisterhood. I looked at them to smile at them but they IGNORED me. Perhaps it’s because I’m not rich. In my religion, Islam, smiling is considered a charity.

So, how to deal with “The Arrogant” people:

  1. Continue doing the good your religion taught you – whatever your religion is. For me, it’s smiling. I will continue smiling because it is an act of charity.
  2. Learn to Let Go – I don’t know what they dislike about me. I have never ever spoken to them before. But perhaps your presence is too strong and some women dislike that. They want to be the best when truth is, appearance wise, they look normal. Not outstanding at all. But I constantly remind myself, let it go. Continue doing your thing. It’s not like as though I am here for a competition – it’s just me who likes to wear colorful clothings. LOL
  3. They don’t mix with others who don’t fit their group. I’ve seen this all my life. The rich only mixes with the rich. Bird of the same feather flock together. For me, everyone is the same. If you are rich but selfish, you’re just ugly on the inside. How do deal with them? I will still consider them as brothers and sisters because my religion teaches me that. I’m not at lost but rather, I gain because I am practising what my religion taught me which is to love always.


Alisha’s Mommy

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