How To Trim a MOVING Toddler’s Hair – Quick & Simple

To keep her hair healthy, every morning I shampoo with organic shampoo. Every night, I apply Olive Oil.

I do not use a comb but rather the ‘hair holder’ which can serve as a comb as eell. You can get it online at a cheap price.

Do note tt I am no hairdresser. LOL

Ok so here are tips:

1) Use the hair holder to come your toddler’s hair

2) After all hair is flat, use a scissors to cut a straight path. length depends on you

3) While cutting, give your child a sticker album and stickers

4) Tell your child if he or she sits still, you will give her the yoghurt bar he or she loves

5) Follow the same technique at the back, fringe as well as the sides

And tadaaaa you have your own masterpiece.

Looks cleaner now!

I think.

And saves salon money!


Alisha’s Mommy

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