Happy Chinese New Year + Memory of A Loving Neighbour during my Wedding

I got married in 2014. Back then, I was not a Hijabi thus the image above.

Happy Chinese New Year to all those celebrating it! Those who are not, Happy Holidays!

Today I was reminded of my Chinese neighbour when I lived with my mom. Now I live in my own house.

In SG, we live in racial harmony filled with different races. The loving and caring man passed away last year. I heard the news from my mom. I felt so sad.

They were of different religion. Catholics or Christians, am not too sure. I can’t recall but it did not matter that much to me but what touched my heart the most was every morning, he would greet me a good morning.

He also came to my wedding… He suddenly came up to sing me and my hubby a beautiful song. On top of that, he mentioned I was a great neighbour.

He lived a long life perhaps due to his kind heart. Even though he was 90 years old, he walked like a healthy man.

When I visit my parents, I drop by to say hi to his wife who was very open about their relationship. They always seemed in love but she never sugar coated anything. She was honest about their relationship but yet very in love. They go everywhere together and the husband loves to sing to her and everyone around him…

May your soul rest in peace.


Alisha’s Mommy

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