Triple Birthday Celebration @ Aunt’s Condo + Post Photos of my baby’s hair trimmed by me

Today we had the trio celebration – birthday for the Feb babies. Hubby and cousins of mine…

I ordered Ondeh Ondeh cake from Sooperlicious and it was definitely different from our regular cakes hahaha. Few might appreciate the taste because of it’s unique taste but I like it though… My girl LOVED it so much. She kept asking me for more but I tried to keep it at an adequate amount as I don’t wanna see her running all over the place. LOL

Yeah you can check out her hair and the photo she took with my mom, dad… She  wanted to be part of the Triple Celebration – children. LOL…

I had a wefie with my cousins. Well love them all. We have gatherings at my mother’s side as often as we can.

I find it is important to keep the bond alive despite disagreements.


Alieha’s Mommy