My Third Eye Seemed To Have Became Lesser Than Before


Sidetrack: GAHHH – My eyebags and wrinkles. Age is catching up! S.O.S.

A Very Sensitive Subject – but to be honest, not everyone would believe whatever you see or hear. I am here to share my real-life stories with my dear friends here in the Friends world.

Some say that we are imagining things but truth is, what if we are born with it since young?

I did not fully understand things I could hear when I was younger… But when there’s a heavy thunderstorm I hear things a lot of things my friends have not heard of. I hear the chains of prisoners during a heavy thunderstorm when I was smaller. It seemed heavy with the wind moving together along with it. There was a belief that the chains are sounds of the chains from prisoners of Hell. I’m not sure about that but I am just sharing the things I can hear.

But it got even more clearer, I could feel the presence of spirits and even the not so good one which I would not like to mention here… I hate it when I could feel the presence because well, next thing is – I can start to smell or see.

As I mentioned before I was a virgin before marriage, so it is considered so called – pure. So I was able to see many beings.

When I got married, it got lesser. When I gave birth, it got even lesser. However, when I was pregnant I saw many good things. And thank God above, I did not see any evil beings. I was very fortunate that it seemed to have been blocked – my third eye. When I was pregnant, I saw doves flying in the sky… 7 birds flying together as a flock. You can never see doves in Singapore, FYI. So I don’t know if you believe me, but I know what I saw.

When I gave birth, I almost passed away. I lost a lot of blood and was in tremendous pain… That I knocked out. There was a very bright light – brighter than any light I saw. And then, I heard a voice – Are you ready to leave this Earth? I was so sad because my first thought was my child of course. I answered that I was not and I wanted to know what it would be like as a mother. I mentioned I was not a hijabi… But the so called light told me to strengthen my faith and to dress modestly when I feel ready. And I opened my eyes and realized I was in the operating theatre again. I cried so much… I almost died. But I believed that it was the angel that passed God’s message.

Well, people might say that I am imagining things… Again, I say that I am blessed with this sight. However, I find that it is much lesser now…

There’s good in that. When my girl was a baby, she could not speak. But she kept crying. I felt a presence. When my girl finally slept, I spoke through my heart and was wondering where it was and the ‘thing’ that disturbed my child appeared. It was hanging on the ceiling. My God – I just prayed to God to please protect my child and I.

But I am glad my sightings aren’t as often as when I was single and young. Sometimes, a gift might not be understood by others but we should just be ourselves and accept whoever we are.

Alisha’s Mommy

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