My Slimming Contract w Hubby + FAV yoghurt bars + Weighing Machine Investment


I am only human and I must admit that I let my hunger and illness take over me as of early Feb. I had a bad cough and started emotional eating. I won’t beautify the story and said that I disciplined myself. I was coughing and had flu because I drank coca cola, green tea ice etc.

However, I will state the truth. And the truth is I failed the initial slimming plan. Thus, will create a contract with hubby. I think I would let my husband be the witness and him to sign the contract tonight. I will post the contract with the below agreements:

  1. To eat only yoghurt bars for Breakfast
  2. To abide strictly to a NO rice diet for Lunch
  3. Drinks to only be H2O and Milo
  4. To eat only cereal + milk for Dinner
  5. To fast on days Prophet Muhammad fasted as per the sunnah – Mondays,  Thursdays & Fridays (
  6. To have honey and dates like Prophet Muhammad every night
  7. Herbal Detox on weekends 

Contract will take effect as of 26 Feb 2018 – 30 June 2018. I also bought a weighing machine – on Monday I will weigh myself and post it here. 🙂 Also, I will post the contract btwn my husband and I with our signatures.

After 30 June 2018, you will get an update as to whether I lost weight and whether this method is effective!


Alisha’s Mommy

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