Makeover Goals 2018


Everyone has resolution goals for the year 2018 but I have not listed mine yet. Hahaha why? Because 1) busy and 2) lazy.

So here I am gonna share with you guys my 2018 goals, makeover wise. Some people think that once you are married and have a child, you should just lay back.  Well you are wrong… There are still beautiful women out there and if you don’t take the effort, your man is gonna look everywhere else so why not keep his eyes on you.


Also, always remember SMART goals.

Moving forward, I am going to share with you my goals for this year:

1) Henna Hair (Feb) – Completed

2) Loose 10kg (June)

3) Mani & Pedi (Apr)

4) Do Henna Art at my belly i.e. Rose (Mar)

5) Massage – Every 2 Months (Mar, May)

6) Dental (May)

7) Facial – Every 2 Months (Apr, June)

Hey hubby, if you are reading this, watch out…



Alisha’s Mommy


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