Cheating… Yes, cheating. I have seen it happening around me. A wife who got cheated on by her husband, a friend who was causing a husband to cheat on the PREGNANT wife…


Don’t be shocked, it is happening in the world and nowadays, people are not caring whether the other is married or not.

This friend of mine was so stubborn and probably desperate too because she kept insisting to me that the guy loves her etc. But I told her the guy has a wife who is a nurse working shift working her butt off to bring extra income while PREGNANT and you are doing this kinda stuff…


I then asked her whether SHE would love it to be in the wife’s position because well, if he can do it to his wife, he can do it to you too…

After MONTHS of trying to knock some sense into her head, she finally ended the background relationship.


Another story is of my aunt. She got divorced once but married this man who was younger than her by 10 years. She had two kids. With him, she had another two. She even works two jobs but lo and behold, he has a Scandal and she found out about it.


I do read online on why people cheat but think twice before doing so because you might just loose everything and everyone that really matters to you…



PS: Thank you Hubby for being a loyal husband so far.


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