How I Discipline My Lower Primary students when giving Training


After multiple years of experience, I think I have mastered the technique of handling lower Primary students.


1) Classroom Rules on the whiteboard everyday

2) Small & Affordable rewards for being able to complete all tasks at hand

3) Humour – Kids these days get bored easily

4) Always take note of VAK – Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic Learning Styles

5) Games 10 minutes before lesson ends i.e. Treasure Hunt in my case

6) Prizes for FULL attendance every semester i.e. every 6 months

SO, how did I inject humour during class? Can humour actually be used to discipline a class? My discipline technique actually makes them think. No screaming needed as they would get used to the tone of your voice. It caters to all – even my students who have autism and ADD.



Kid: Teacher, can we go for a break now? (Break is at 10am but he requested at 9.20am)

Myself: Sure, if your Dad is the principal of the school.

Student laughs but continues doing his work.



Kid: Teacher, my dad drives an Audi and he is rich. (Boasting but likes to get lazy at times)

Myself: Sure but if you refuse to do your work and choose to be lazy, the only car that you would be driving is a toy car.

Student laughs and finished all his Math problems earlier than expected.



Student: Teacher, can we eat in class please during break? (There is a canteen fyi)

Teacher: Sure, but I shall volunteer your name to clean the class after this class ends when your classmates have all gone home.

Student laughs and immediately goes to canteen during break.



Student: Teacher, there is so much to write. (Complaining)

Teacher: Did you know that people who don’t have hands to would like to write? They would love to be in your position to have the gift and chance to write.

Whole class begins writing diligently.


These days students are intelligent. We have to always do reasoning with them. take note my students were 8 year olds with different learning styles and abilities.


Soooo… Enjoy teaching. Save your voice. Stop shouting. Get them to think.


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