Hubby’s Birthday

My hubby and I have made it a point to visit our parents at least once a month. Sooo… Yesterday we visit his parents because it was his birthday.


Anyway I realized that kids these days are quite fashionable and a kid like my girl who is just 2 wants to choose her own outfit.


His dad asked, ‘So old, and still want to celebrate birthday?’ Excuse me, even a hundred year old woman celebrates her birthday. There is nothing wrong in having a birthday celebration. Hahaha


But I am glad we have a daughter to celebrate his birthday with. Well, they say a child is a blessing.

I chose to type this blog in a crowded MRT because it helps to cool me down. Hahaha because in my head, I am forming many thoughts. So better to shut my mouth and type a blog.



Alisha’s Mommy

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