Rush Hour

Gah, everyday is the same cycle… You are rushing but the person who is walking beside you thinks that you wanna challenge them and they walk even faster…

God, if I wanted that, I would have joined a Marathon… Anyhow, I think I am collecting the same amount of sweat in the train everyday. Crowded but aircon ventilation is not so good… Plus many different aromas to smell from. Hahaha


But life is as such here in SG… You wanna Grab everyday you can but maybe you would be only left with chips to eat in one month. I mean if you can survive with that, why not right? If given a choice, people would probably not prefer the train…


Can’t complain much though. I read a recent article about a boy in China who walked to school in freezing cold and surprisingly, he survived…


Real Friends


It is so hard to find a real friend these days and Camila just nailed it with her latest song.

I have had friends who put on a facade. Friends who only want to use you. Friends who take advantage of your kindness. Friends who want a better life than yours. Friends who add all the people you know.


Sigh… Some have disappointed me real deep after years of friendship. Some totally ignored me after years of loyalty.


I got so fed up that I… closed all my social media accounts. And contact only those who truly matters and cares.


I am glad that I have chosen only real friends now… I am glad I made the circle small. When I was young, the circle was big but how many can you actually call friends?


But I want to give a loud shoutout to the people who support me at this site. You made my day and gave my life a new meaning and hope that we build a circle of friendship here.