Ms Toddler’s Adventures at PlayFit (Orchid Country Club)


The country club’s website states that the PlayFit opens at 10am. Soooo wrong, it opens at 11am hahaha. Please come at 11.

The indoor playground is quite small but it had many interesting obstacles and colourful slides. More suitable for toddlers like my child. Accompanying adults pay $2 and NTUC members get a discount. WOW I kind of exercised and was exercising by following my child wherever she went.

And there was this mirror which made me looked funny.

She was afraid of the trampouline. Maybe because I was the one jumping so she really bounced. HAHA

Some swing and see saw fun which was not really well lit. Quite dark so I had to use flash hahaha

She looooved playing with the colorful balls, climbing and sliding…

We played on the Wall of Lego where she used the Lego blocks to build a loooooooong train. Yes loooooooooooong train. It is as fun bonding time so I joined in and created clouds, the sun, a sheep and flower. Of course, I added some love to it yeah!

From left to right, she drew a tree, an apple and a heart using the chalk. Lol it is okay at least she tried and I appreciate the art. 👅

She got a balloon and lollipop because she was too cute hahahahahaha. I think the staff gave her the treat.

But do you know what’s the best part? My girl slept really well in the afternoon. My hubby and I got to have a rest and spent time just cuddling. Time together is precious when you have a kid.

Would You… Remarry?

I stumbled upon articles of couples remarrying after their spouse passes away. But my question to you is… Would you remarry?

I thought about this last night and realized that I would probably have regretted certain things I did WHILE married. When I realized this, I have put forward in my heart to promise to love my husband fully and to love my kid or KIDS (in future) with all of my heart.

For me, I would not remarry. This is my preference. I asked this question to my husband but he has not responded yet. HAHA. I know we can’t predict the future but like I said, it is my preference.

I do not want to go through the hassle of planning an engagement or wedding. Furthermore, to go though the ups and downs with another man. I would rather use the remaining years to love my children. Strengthen the bond between relatives and family. Go for exercise classes. Work part-time. Keep fit. And just be closer to God.

What if you feel lonely? There is still God. I would rather be lonely and close to God then to remarry and get my children and family to like him. It’s a waste of time.

On top of that, I am still in love with my husband. If he was to go before me, I would miss him deeply even though we argue and fight a lot. He is my soulmate and I will love him till my last days. I also hope that he is there to love me till the end as well.

It is hard for a man to tackle me. I don’t love fully easily. Only with my hubby I have loved fully.

Bath Time = Bonding Time

As you guys know, my toddler is 2 years old. She always refuses to go to the bathroom until…

I started bathing with her. And… I totally love it. I have a good bath with her in the bathroom. I help her bath and she helps me bath. When I use the towel to dry myself, she follows.

This has made us closer I feel as this is considered as one of our special times together.

Excuse Me

Nowadays, I find that it seems to be getting harder for people to be nice and kind.

When rushing for work or just taking an available seat in a bus, they just can’t open their mouth to say the two magic words: Excuse Me.

I wonder why, it is the simplest act of kindness. You just have to open both your lips and let the two words come out. Hahaha

The world would be a better place if people stop thinking that they are better than others and that we share this beautiful place with everyone living on it.