Special Dedication to My Mom

These few days my mom has not been feeling well… I feel very sad about it. She is my mom afterall.


One side of her leg is sorta cramped. A doctor came to the house yesterday… She also has no appetite to eat. Sigh, the only help I can offer is to help this weekend.

On top of that, my sweet child is having a cough.


We may have our disagreements but her sweet and gentle ways of loving and caring for me I will remember.

The sacrifices they made for me I will also remember.

I love you to the moon and back mom.


Yes I maybe a person full of laughter but I have got my fair share of ups and downs…

I wish I can give more to everyone…

If her situation does get worse, I might, as a daughter… Work freelance… So that I have time for family and her.

May God bless all of us. I am willing to do anything for the people I love because I don’t want to live with regret.

Please give my mom strength… Pls give her the appetite dear God.

Thank you for giving birth to me and letting me be a Mom myself.


The day I left home

There will always be a time where you have to leave your current home. Mine was Feb 2017… That’s right about a year ago.

When I got married, I stayed with my mom for about 1.5 years. There were many ups and downs… Well, every married couple goes through it. This year I am going to be 29 in June. Yeah, getting old here. Can’t believe that I’m gonna be 30 soon… People can’t believe that I am married with a child. LOL but they do say I look matured.

A month before I left home, I had many insecurities… I was not sure whether I would be an independent mom. Furthermore, hubby works shift. But, I had to make the decision to move on… Because I needed to grow as an individual and I needed to learn to be an adult.

A month before I left home to move on to my own home with my own family, I had a flashback of the last 25++ years with my family. I recalled my childhood, teenagehood and adulthood. Many memories were in the house…

I remembered the happier times when we used to have yearly birthday parties at the house. My mom is a great cook. And my dad does a lot of the manly duties well. My younger brother and I were close when we were younger. I would pat him to sleep as a sister. I would play games with my brother using the PS3. It was fun, we played wrestling etc.

As I reached teenagehood, I remembered my parents guiding me and always talking to my bro and I if we were walking towards the wrong path. We had occasional movie outings as well.

When I was sick, my mother would feed me medicine. She would care about me even though she does love my brother 1% more. Hahaha. My dad, I heard constantly praises me behind my back about me being independent…. Secretly, I know he loves me 1% more. LOL

So, anyhoo, my brother took out my sisterly duties when I left the house but I do cherish the love that was given to me by my parents and younger brother.

They say, always remember the good memories and keep it etched in your hearts and minds.

Bad Habits

Ladies and gentlemen, what are your bad habits? Well, I am going to share today some of the common bad habits that we have but would not like to admit to the general audience… Some are also actions that I have accidentally caught people doing.


They are (drumroll please…):

Digging the nose when no one is looking but there is an exception for some old folks who don’t really bother whoever is around, they Just Do It as what Nike suggests.

Coughing without covering the mouth. Hell no… Please cover your mouth man! The bacteria is real. The bacteria is contagious for goodness sake!

Pasting your nose wastes everywhere. There was a time I was sitting in the bus and caught a familiar sight. I was wondering what it was and realized yucks, it was the nose waste. Maybe you should get a sticker album to paste your nose waste in it or something…

In the lady’s washroom. Pee everywhere on the toilet seat… My God… Can you atleast TRY to pee properly?

People talking loudly in the cinema. Hello, I paid for the movie and not to hear your LIVE reviews in the theatre.