Bad Habits

Ladies and gentlemen, what are your bad habits? Well, I am going to share today some of the common bad habits that we have but would not like to admit to the general audience… Some are also actions that I have accidentally caught people doing.


They are (drumroll please…):

Digging the nose when no one is looking but there is an exception for some old folks who don’t really bother whoever is around, they Just Do It as what Nike suggests.

Coughing without covering the mouth. Hell no… Please cover your mouth man! The bacteria is real. The bacteria is contagious for goodness sake!

Pasting your nose wastes everywhere. There was a time I was sitting in the bus and caught a familiar sight. I was wondering what it was and realized yucks, it was the nose waste. Maybe you should get a sticker album to paste your nose waste in it or something…

In the lady’s washroom. Pee everywhere on the toilet seat… My God… Can you atleast TRY to pee properly?

People talking loudly in the cinema. Hello, I paid for the movie and not to hear your LIVE reviews in the theatre. 

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