Flower Power – Rose Water For The Face (Effective)

Heyheyhey as we age a little more each year, out face starts to change…

But I am glad to say that I finally found a solution! Which I will definitely stick with… For those who are under a budget like me, you can go for the simple rose water which cost $7. I use it to remove all my make up every night. You can also use it as a toner if you like for the non make up users:

I usually put the solution onto a wet wipe and put it all over my face. However, if you are blessed with the truckloads of money in your hands, go for this:


It works but just costs more. Your dry skin will slowly improve within three days. I tried on mind and am surprised by what I see.

No facial needed my friends…


SG Mc Donald’s Sweet Chilli Fish Burger & Chocolate Pie Launched 1 Mar’18 (Review)

First, let’s start with the Sweet Chilli Fish Burger…

WOW OMGOATZ. Absolutely delicious, it seems all ingredients used were fresh.


If I were to rate out of 10, I would give it like a 9… Don’t forget to put Garlic Chilli please.


Next in the bucket list, was the chocolate pie…

It has molten chocolate in it. Korea had it first and just started in sunny Singapore on 1 Mar.

A lil disappointed because 1) dark chocolate 2) was not like other molten chocolate I have tasted.

It was just average. Over 10, maybe a 6? It tasted good but not perfect…


PS: This was the advert…