Using Art to teach English (Lower Primary)

The Primary 2 students had a problem comprehending their Comprehension. So how did I get them to LOVE doing comprehension.

Here are the steps:

1) Get them each to read each paragraph aloud (Auditory)

2) Get them to draw a line after each parapraph

3) At the back of their worksheets, I asked them draw pictures to describe each parapragh (Visual)

They could answer the questions and spot the right answer using Visuals.

Thus, before making them do the activity, you gotta make them love it first!



Everyone’s longing

For a sense of belonging

Life can get pretty challenging

Everytime you try to keep winning


I always push my limits

At times I get a little timid

People try to bring me down

But in the end I still hold my own crown


Afterall we are humans

But I was made a woman

Made to always multi-task

All the tiredness I mask


We got to keep strong

And prove to people wrong

A mother, a wife, a daughter

I strive to always be better