Mood Affects Health

If there is something that I learnt, it’s about how health is connected to your mood.


I find that in order to get well fast, you need an environment that is happy. If you are already sick and people keep making you feel down, you are only going to get worse.

Also, you have to be around people who really cares about you. People to feed you medicine. People who pours you with love when you are under the weather. People who helps you lighten your load on your shoulders.


It honestly does affect your health. So, when you are unwell, try your hardest to be around people who cheers you up and cares about you enough to lift your spirits and helps you to heal.



Toddler Helped to Mop the House

Don’t worry, floor is not wet. It dries up instantly, the mop that I use. I mop my house on weekends.

What they say is true, a toddler follows your actions. She helped me mop the whole house but instead of using a mop, she used a windmill.

When I take the laundry out from the dryer, she helps too my baby. This shows one thing about her character – she is going to be a helpful person by nature.

When she is slightly older, I will give her the REAL mop. So that my housework is down by 1…