Human WiFi

I find that the human connection is like a WiFi. You turn on the wireless to look for the best WiFi but sometimes, you do get free WiFi where people are open to have friendships or connections with you.


But, at times, you need a password to get the connection. In the human world, the password is the wall the person has set to not let people in easily. These kind of people takes time to get connected to but when you do get connected, the bond is stronger than those who are the free WiFi.

However, the best is still the home internet connection. It is the strongest and the most readily available.



Hey girl, you are a blessing
One of the goals that I’ve been chasing
I’m glad I got you in my life
After your dad decided to make me his wife

Your little laughs
Lift me up and above
Though times may be rough
I know that I’ve got you my love

You give me a million reasons why
To always be strong and fly
Your love it spreads like fire
The one that everyone admires

You light up the dark
With your tiny little spark
We are so lucky to have you
And we pray that God will always bless you

For my baby Alisha.
From your Mommy.

Number Two

These few days the urge has been strong. I am longing for a number 2 but I know my hubby and I are financially not ready for it.

One of my friends mentioned that a child is a blessing. Yes, of course, a child is a blessing but are you ready for the responsibilities that come with it?

Unless if my savings have reached 10K, I won’t consider having one. Childcare is not cheap. The milk and pampers are not cheap either. We want to give our child a good life. Of course, they have to learn a bit of hardship along the way but… This is life.

However, having a child made me want to be an English Language childcare teacher. I enjoy reading to my daughter her favorite story book.

Maybe I can consider it as a future career? We shall see.

The pregnancy period and the child’s first year are the most challenging. Am I ready to go through it again?