Number Two

These few days the urge has been strong. I am longing for a number 2 but I know my hubby and I are financially not ready for it.

One of my friends mentioned that a child is a blessing. Yes, of course, a child is a blessing but are you ready for the responsibilities that come with it?

Unless if my savings have reached 10K, I won’t consider having one. Childcare is not cheap. The milk and pampers are not cheap either. We want to give our child a good life. Of course, they have to learn a bit of hardship along the way but… This is life.

However, having a child made me want to be an English Language childcare teacher. I enjoy reading to my daughter her favorite story book.

Maybe I can consider it as a future career? We shall see.

The pregnancy period and the child’s first year are the most challenging. Am I ready to go through it again?

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