Money is the Root of All Evil But Yet, It Is Needed In Our Everyday Lives

Hi, today I have accumulated in my head the experiences I hear from people I know or strangers I meet. Money is needed yes, but it can… bring out the evil in a person. Sigh…


Well, here’s just to list some:

1) Passing On

When a person pass away, they just want to rest in peace but wait a minute guys, the people who are living are fighting over the money. O m g, even though we are desperate for cash, please do remember it is the money belonging to the deceased. Yeah you might get the money but the consequence of not being the chosen one by the deceased can come in many forms. For me, money is tempting but it is not tempting enough to not care for the deceased. The deceased wants your prayers not you guys fighting the hell out for money!

2) Siblings

Hey, you pay for this! Hey, no you pay! All the married couples in the family starts pointing fingers. And the one who makes the most noise is the one who rarely visits. Wow, astonishing probably never even gave monthly cash! And the one who makes the most noise is also the one who earns a whole lot more. Interesting… How money brings out our true character? Oh come on let’s all share despite me being the one with more money, says the noisy one. Based on my friend’s experience…

3) The Stingiest Richest Person

The richer you are, the more of a stingy person you are. I know of people who are loaded but super duper stingy. No family commitment etc but are so calculative. No wonder you are rich… Your pay is probably 5k and above per month. Goodness! To buy food, they dig their piggy bank people… for coins!!!

4) Always Not Enough

I had a friend commented the other time on seeing $100,000. She was like WOW I wish. Probably one of the stingies who use only coins to pay. And probably has the smallest social circle. I tell you something those who save 100k probably wished they had million. It is always not enough…

But people always forget that you can’t bring money to your grave. You can pass on anytime and if you are loaded when you passed on, the person you got your money is probably spending the money off.


Aww… money angel.

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