How I Discipline My Daughter


Rule Number 1 – Don’t have too many forms of disciplining a child.

These are the top 3 things that I do:

1) Naughty Corner. I don’t shout but if she starts shouting and hitting her things as a form of anger. I will first call her name. Next, I will ask her to stand at the naughty and explain why I asked her to go there. My daughter listens… After 5 minutes, I ask her are you ready to apologize for your actions? If she is not ready, she won’t come. If she does not come, I remind her that I don’t shout so why must she shout? After thinking, she will come to me and say ‘Sorry’. AWW my heart melts afterwards… And I give her a big hug.

2) I will put her body on top of my laps and ask her to look me in the eyes. I will remind her that I am the one who prepares her food, bathes her, gives her medication and love her. Afterwards, I will ask, why did you hit your mom then? I have loved you fully and taken care of you so why did you behave that way? And then, I will pretend to be sad and say that it hurts. After 5 minutes, she apologizes.

3) If the above does not work, I leave her alone. I let her shout all she wants and leave her in the room. 5 minutes after, I come back and she has stopped shouting. Then, I will make a remark and say, ‘See you get nothing from shouting my dear’.

Yes and it has worked so far for me. She can be cheeky but she listens to us, her parents. I hug and give her plenty of kisses everyday when she is a good girl. Love her fully so that when you are angry with her actions, she will notice the difference.


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