Moms Are Like Batteries

Today we sent our girl to the clinic. Being the natural bubbly person that I am, I think I talked to quite a number of moms in the clinic.


One of them was a mother of a 9 month old. Gosh I could see the tiredness in her eyes… So I struck a convo with her and said ‘Yeah, at that age, we are super duper tired after a day of motherhood…’. I also added but it gets better… ‘2 year old is the best time!’. My little girl is super cute now.   I also added that I wish she could stay so cute till 4 years old. Ggrr. I think I love kids but just that money wise and body wise, I can’t…


Another mom I talked to had a son around my girl’s age. Wow he was so active and ran all over the clinic. Good thing was his parents disciplined but laughed it off so that they do not end up getting high blood pressure. Should have taken their contacts… I think I could click with them so well.


So I commented to her, ‘I guess your battey is about 10% left now.’.

She laughed.

Moms are like batteries. We charge overnight but loose power fast over the day. At times we can’t even fully charge overnight.